Taj Mahal Day Tour with Taj Mahal Cabs

Taj Mahal Video Thumb Picture
Taj Mahal Video Thumb Picture

Private Tour Guide for Taj Mahal – Visit Agra, the awesome city of the Mughal rulers, while participating in the comfort of a private vehicle and driver, close by an English-Speaking Taj Mahal Day Tour guide, Arrange by Alamgir The Taj Mahal Guide. You will be invited and gotten by our driver from Delhi at 6 AM. Private tour Taj Mahal also starts from Delhi Airport in the early hours.

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Private tour Taj Mahal with Ticket & Guide – Same Day Taj Mahal Tour by car of Agra starts with a visit to the UNESCO-listed Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Mehtab Bagh with Itmad-ul-Daulah with a Taj Mahal Tour Guide. Experience the advantage of sightseeing with a Private tour guide for Taj Mahal who offers historical details about every monument, including the Local Bazaar.

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Get an early start to a Day Tour Taj Mahal with a hotel or railway pickup. So Book Now your Private tour Taj Mahal!!!

Lady with Green sari in Taj Mahal
Lady with Green sari in Taj Mahal
  • Admire views of the Taj Mahal in the morning, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • See UNESCO-listed Agra Fort and Baby Taj (Itmad-ul-Daulah) on a day trip to the Taj Mahal.
  • Skip the lines with pre-booked Attraction fees
  • Pickup can be provided from stations if you are traveling by Bus or Train
  • Enhance to include a buffet lunch at a 5-star hotel in the Private tour Taj Mahal.

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One-day Taj Mahal Tour (Taj Mahal Day Trip) – A unit of Taj Mahal Cabs, a variety of Taj Mahal day tour packages like a Private tour Taj Mahal by car, same day Taj Mahal tour by Train, Sunrise Taj Mahal tour, Agra overnight tour, Taj Mahal tour from Delhi and so many Same Day Tours near Delhi city in Budget rates.

These Taj Mahal one-day trips are best for those sightseers coming to India for business trips and other purposes and want to explore the Taj Mahal, Agra in one Day Before leaving India. Book with us Day Trip to the Taj Mahal and ENJOY the Taj Mahal Tour.

The duration of your stay at the Taj Mahal would depend on the type of ticket you have purchased and the rules and regulations in place at the time of your visit.

If you have a regular entry ticket, you are allowed to stay inside the Taj Mahal complex for a maximum of three hours. However, if you have a night viewing ticket, you can stay for up to 30 minutes after the sunset, or as specified on the ticket.

It’s important to note that the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays and is open from sunrise to sunset on all other days. Additionally, there are certain areas within the complex that may have restricted access or limited time allowed for visitors.

What is the best time of day to take a Private tour Taj Mahal?

The best time of day to take a Private tour, the Taj Mahal, is either at sunrise or late afternoon/early evening during sunset. During these times, the light is soft and warm, creating a beautiful and enchanting atmosphere that enhances the beauty of the monument.

At sunrise, the Taj Mahal is bathed in a soft pink hue, which slowly transforms into a golden yellow as the sun rises higher in the sky. This is a popular time to visit, as it allows visitors to witness the beauty of the monument at the first light of day, and also to avoid the heat and crowds that can be present later in the day.

Agra tour guide with tourist

Late afternoon/early evening during sunset is another beautiful time to visit the Taj Mahal. The monument is bathed in a fiery orange and red glow, creating a stunning vista that is truly unforgettable. This time of day is also less crowded than during the day, allowing visitors to enjoy a more peaceful and tranquil experience.

It’s important to note that the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays, so plan your Private tour Taj Mahal accordingly. Additionally, be sure to check the weather forecast before booking a Private tour Taj Mahal, as heavy fog or rain can affect visibility and the overall experience.

Ultimately, the best time of day to take a Private tour Taj Mahal depends on your personal preferences and schedule. However, a sunrise or sunset tour is highly recommended for an unforgettable and magical experience.

What is the best way to avoid crowds during a Private tour Taj Mahal?

The Taj Mahal is a popular tourist attraction, and it can get quite crowded, especially during peak season. However, there are a few ways to avoid crowds during a Private tour Taj Mahal:

1. Visit during the non-peak season: Consider visiting the Taj Mahal during the off-season, which is from April to September. During this time, there are fewer tourists, and therefore, fewer crowds.

2. Visit during the week: Weekend crowds are generally higher than weekdays. So, try scheduling your Private tour Taj Mahal during a weekday, if possible.

3. Visit during the early morning or late afternoon: As mentioned earlier, early morning or late afternoon is the best time to take a Private tour Taj Mahal. During these times, the crowds are usually thinner.

taj mahal sunrise images

4. Enter from the East Gate: The East Gate of the Taj Mahal is less crowded than the other gates, so consider entering from this gate.

5. Hire a private guide or tour company: Hiring a private guide or tour company for your Taj Mahal visit can help you avoid crowds. They can Private tour guide for Taj Mahal to you through the best times and routes to take, as well as provide you with insider tips on how to avoid crowds.

6. Book skip-the-line tickets: Consider booking skip-the-line tickets, which allow you to skip the long queues and enter the Taj Mahal directly. This can save you a lot of time and help you avoid the crowds.

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By following these tips, you can enjoy a more peaceful and tranquil visit to the Taj Mahal, even during peak season.

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