Taj Mahal Day Tours

In their 19 years of Mumtaz marriage, they had 14 children. Seven of the children died at birth or at a very tender age. In June 1631, while accompanying her husband to one of his war expeditions, Mumtaz Mahal died from postpartum hemorrhage in Burhanpur on 17 June 1631 while giving birth to her 14th child, after a prolonged labor around 30 hours.

On her death bed Mumtaz Begum asked for 4 promises from the emperor Shahjahan. The 1st promise was that Shah Jahan should erect a monument dedicated to their love. So people will remember Shahjahan Mumtaj inseparable love. The 2nd promise was that he would marry again. The 3rd promise was he would be kind to their children. The 4th and final promise was that her husband would visit the tomb on her death anniversary.