Hotel Trident Agra – Luxury Hotel in Agra

Alamgir Taj Mahal guide with Tourist
Alamgir Taj Mahal guide with Tourist

Hotel Trident Agra – Best Luxury Hotel in Agra near Taj Mahal East Gate.

Near the Taj Mahal, Hotel Trident Agra – Best Luxury Hotel in Agra near Taj Mahal East Gate, Agra is likely the best housing in the city. Impeccably completed gardens and water fountains welcome you to this bewildering unwinding hotel. Implied close by red stone, reminiscent of the Mughal time frame, the housing features 135 carefully appointed rooms and suites, which disregard the central yard and nurseries. Guests can in like manner like free fast Internet for up to four contraptions. Check Price & Booking Process

Agra is home to the great Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The city is a few hours drives from Delhi. Part of India’s rich history starting around 1000 B.C, the city was first insinuated as ‘Agra’ by the Greek mastermind, Ptolemy in 200 A.D.

Trident Agra Hotel Lobby

The Hotel highlights 135 elegantly designated rooms and suites

Agra at first rose to recognizable quality as the capital of the Mughal Empire in the sixteenth century. An extensive parcel of the city’s acclaimed heritage regions dates back to this five-star time of India’s arrangement of encounters, including the brilliant Taj Mahal. Passing on awesome of the Mughal Empire’s imaginative inheritance into the current day, the streets of Agra are specked with old constructions existing in happy friendliness with sumptuous lodgings, shops, and state-of-the-art houses. From its fine marble adorn craftsmanship to its splendid sweet shops, the city offers a great deal to cherish.


Agra Taj Mahal Private Trip from Delhi by Car

Close to the Taj Mahal, Trident, Agra is probably the best lodging in the city. Wonderfully arranged gardens and drinking fountains invite you to this beguiling relaxation inn. Implicit nearby red stone, suggestive of the Mughal time, the inn highlights 135 elegantly designated rooms and suites, which disregard the focal yard and nurseries. Visitors can likewise appreciate free rapid Internet for up to four gadgets.

Trident, Agra plans, and offers are curated to give you the best worth

The alleviating viewpoints on our 5-star property are perfectly enhanced by an assurance of luxury restaurants, delight and well-being workplaces, joined by our warm help. Wake up to a sumptuous breakfast spread that ensures a flying starting to your, earlier day branching out to examine the sights and track down the rich history of Agra. Whether or not you are saving an event with your family or your associates, or even a work journey, Trident, Agra plans, and offers are curated to give you the best worth, address you every issue and make memories that will suffer until the end of time.

Alamgir Taj Mahal Guide with Tourist

Children will love specific Trident Kids’ Club

Children will love our specific Trident Kids’ Club, their own paradise with games, a play district, and their own uncommon tent! Whether or not you book a morning yoga meeting, a liberal spa treatment, or fun activities for the young people, a stay at Trident, Agra has a ton to bring to the table.

Tracked down a straightforward three hours on the interstate from New Delhi, Agra is great for a getaway with friends and family. A booking at Trident, Agra will permit you to move away from the hustle-noise of your everyday practice, assimilate the excellent viewpoints, or fundamentally appreciate amazing top-of-the-line food and rich spa medicines.
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